Friday, 27 March 2015

Evaluation - Question 4

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stage?

"The internet is a vital part of the construction and research. The internet allowed me to research into existing indie rock bands and the music videos they produce through websites such as Youtube. Youtube has helped research and construct my music video a lot; I was able to upload my own videos to youtube which allowed me and Liam to show other students our work for feedback.

Furthermore, our research would have been not as strong without the use of social media. The social media allowed us to see what our demographic would be and what methods there was on selling music and attracting an audience. I also gained unique selling points for my digipak through looking at bands on social media.

Without the use of looking at images online I would have struggled a lot with my Digipak, the internet allowed me to grab and use existing images to help make my digipak such as the template and the structure of it.

During production, we used a 1200D to film all our footage on. Having access to a good camera helped with making a successful and creative music video. I was also able to take professional looking photos when using the 1200d for my digipak."

The school also gave us access to final cut pro, an editing programme. The programme is simple but leaves shots cut together perfectly and looking as professional as the footage we took. We was able to make our video fast paced by using quick cuts which Final Cut enabled us to do this.

Friday, 20 March 2015

The Final Cut

Digipak and Poster finals

Before my deadline I decided to get my teacher to quickly look at my final versions and see if there is anything I could do for last changes. She suggested that I should change the spines on my digipak so I changed the text on them so that when the digipak is folded the band name and album name will be clear all around the digipak. The other change I made was on the poster, I forgot to add my record label's logo to my poster so I decided to move the website more across to the social media and then add the record label to the right by itself so the label stands out on its own.

Thursday, 19 March 2015


Unfortunately on the day we filmed all of our other final footage. We was unable to use the go-pro because the person who last used the extension which we lent out to another group last the screw which held the extension stiff whilst the camera is placed and stopped the camera from moving about.

Once again, Me and Liam came out of school at 9am to film again in Oxleas. It only took us about an hour to film as we was close to deadline and we wanted to make sure these go-pro shots would be perfect as we couldn't film it again. I really like how they turned out as Liam's facial expression fits the narrative as he looks angry whereas Aaron looks scared when the go-pro is strapped on his head. It was a relieving feeling finishing this shoot although it was our shortest one and less pressure as it did not require different shots and using a DSLR.